Why the blank “ad”?

If you’ve found yourself on this page, that means you clicked on a blank space where you thought an advertisement “should” be.


What you clicked on was a blank image specifically meant to take the place of an advertisement.



Many websites depend on revenue from advertising.  For the individual that does not want to view advertising, this creates a conflict.  One could install an ad-blocker which will prevent the loading of advertisements on web sites.  This effectively shuts down part of the revenue stream for the web site in question, though.  So the choice in many cases is to either subject yourself to advertising and marketing messages, or eliminate a small portion of revenue for the web site in question while still viewing the content.

Some web sites do offer a paid subscription, membership, or otherwise a way to reduce or eliminate advertising messages.  This is an acceptable option to some, but may not appeal to everyone especially considering the different price points and the number of subscriptions or memberships one would need to maintain.

An alternative is available though.  Collectively, we can purchase advertising space on web sites to show blank “ads.”  This won’t completely eliminate advertising, and it won’t reach everyone, but it will give some relief to the otherwise non-stop onslaught of advertising and marketing that saturates our daily lives.


How does it work?

Simple.  We act as an advertiser (a “publisher” is a web site owner that is selling the ad space) and place blank images in available ad spots that we have purchased.

Currently, we are in a trial run and more details will be released pending results.


Where can I learn more about advertising and marketing?